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Summary Executions Part VI

  • Hermione Granger wants someone really *really* bad. She memorises about him all day.

  • This is a fanfic between Snape's lust for his android. Snape is age 49 and this android is male shaped and atomically correct.

  • Reads almost like going backwards.

  • Draco, Duncan or Harry... who would you choose to deflower you?

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This follows on from Summary Executions Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, and Part V.

What do you think of using questions in summaries?

Questions in summaries - effective? Cool? Lame? Why? Got any ideas? Is it a trend? Is it a plague?

Do you want to spork the next question-laden summary you see?
Would you believe I do?
Would you believe I've cracked up and compiled dozens of summaries into one vast, squirming, surreal medley of questions?
Dare you read it...?

Will darkness over come the wizard world again? Or will love prevail? Who will get Harry - Ginny, or the new-and-improved Hermione? What about Ron? How far will Harry go to fulfil his mission? With ambitions reaching far beyond the House Cup, just how far is this girl prepared to go to win...? Will she survive the ordeal? Will Harry and this girl get together? What will Draco think? Meanwhile, where's Voldemort in all this? What's Ginny doing in the fic? And whatever did happen to Norbert? Spies are plentiful and the list of allies wears thin, who can Harry trust anymore? Can the pure, undisguised love that Draco is sending Harry's way be a front, or is it something real? Can Harry deal with it if it is real? Will he be willing to give up his newfound love for an old family friend at his heart's demand? What does Ron think? Does that event have a connection to the reason why Dumbledore trusts Snape? When is the past not the past? What secrets cannot be hidden? What truths must not be told? What is Tom Riddle's plan? Collapse )

Summary Executions Part IV

  • Lavender is after revenge when Seamus is caught chesting on her.

  • A short fic from someone’s P.O.V.

  • Listen to my story, and you shall find out why my life is not one of those happy, fluffy tails, but dark, mysterious, forbidding, and dangerous.

  • Ediciustastnihsiht is spelled backwackwards to avoid spoilers.

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This follows on from Summary Executions Part I, Part II, and Part III.

Summary Executions Part I

  • Have you ever wondered what went on inside the character's heads?

  • Flames flicker, but are suddenly squashed by cold death.

  • Stream of consciousness from Hermione in the best James Joyce way!

  • But werewolves turn into vampires after death...

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