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Forever: immortal meets undead?

So it's a couple of days until the Forever finale, and I've just written up some opinions about this show for a Dear Writer letter, and now I'm having rambling crossover thoughts.

Copy of my Henry/Adam fic-request, including sample bunnies.

Request 2
Fandom: Forever (TV)
Characters: Henry Morgan, Adam

Optional details: I'd love it if this request facilitates some Henry/Adam fic, since there's hardly any around so far and I find the pairing increasingly intriguing. If the very idea of it makes you weep, however, gen is just fine! Also keeping the request vague because the last episode hasn't aired as I write this.

Adam keeps underestimating Henry... probably because he's ten times older and assumes he'll always have the upper hand. Would like to see Henry really surprise Adam somehow.

Even more optional details: Love this show for the ensemble dynamics. (Don't really care about the crime/mystery/corpse of the week.) Good writing, good acting, all of them just so enjoyable together.

Nothing against Henry/Jo or Henry/Abigail - I like both those ships - but I'm hoping this fandom brings forth some more Henry/Adam stories as well. So much conflict and tension to explore there. (Whatever happens in the last episode; whether Adam achieves permanent death or not.)

Look at these two inadvertent immortals circling each other in fascination. So different, but sharing something unique. Look how hard Adam tries to choreograph and control each of their encounters. Pushes all Henry's buttons - gives our hero the novel experience of being treated rather like Henry himself treats Lucas. Well, Henry's about ten times older than Lucas, but the idea of someone else viewing him as young and foolish: that's right out of the comfort zone. So Henry pushes back. - Any issues like these, as gen or ship-fic, in whatever mode makes you a happy writer. The term reciprocal attempted mindfuckery may be applicable.

From the unlikely bunnies file: "Iona Payne" is revealed to be yet another of Adam's fiendish disguises. ("Oh, everything gets rather gender-fluid after the first thousand years.")

From the even-less-likely bunnies file: Adam drags Henry off on a wild roadtrip through the fictional metaverse, introducing him to other long-living/undead characters: Darla, Jack Harkness, Aziraphale, Eric Northman, Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged...

From the dramatic crossovers file, requiring a 20-year timeshift: Voldemort kidnaps Adam to steal the secret of his immortality. Henry leads a rescue mission into the wizarding world, with Snape as his reluctant liaison. (Y'know, if Henry dies on the grounds of Hogwarts, he's pretty sure to return in the lake... amidst Merpeople and the Giant Squid. I'd pay to see that.)


Idle pondering here about adding vampires to the Forever universe. (Thinking of generic vampires from Anne Rice, Buffyverse, True Blood, etc.)

How unusual would Henry's blood be? No effect on vampires, outstandingly delicious, or lethal? Would drinking his blood be enough to turn a vampire human? What if he becomes a vampire magnet? What if Henry deliberately sets out to be vamped, hoping it might bring him permanent death (get bitten, get turned, get staked, game over), but things go horribly wrong? What if Jo gets turned? What if "the Immortal" in Angel S5 was Henry (or Adam)?

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