Minerva McTabby (mctabby) wrote,
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Further Fits of Television (ongoing)

Daily posts throughout May? Okay. (Thanks, [personal profile] moreteadk, for infecting me with teddyradiator's Something Every Day meme/challenge.)

Also, thanks for spoiler-cutting comments on Age of Ultron. I'll see it mid-May.

And sorry for wandering off again after December/January. If I'd continued posting regularly in February/March, it might have looked something like this: "Dear Flist - Hi. Brain eaten by multitude of new fictional characters vying for attention. Having a great time, wish you were here."

All those recs you lot gave me about shows to try watching...?

I went and did. In rapid succession.

All available seasons/episodes of: True Blood, Game of Thrones, Vikings, Selfie, Hindsight, Cucumber, Forever, Wolf Hall, Doctor Who (2005-), Torchwood, Arrow, The Flash.
Partially, still watching: Teen Wolf (to start of season 2), Heroes (to start of s4), Sherlock (to 3.01).
One or two episodes, likely to continue: Orphan Black, Broadchurch, Once Upon a Time, Being Human, The Musketeers.
One or two episodes, had enough and bailed: The Librarians, Grimm, Penny Dreadful.
Next in the queue to try: Breaking Bad, Pushing Daisies, Leverage, Haven.

April was mostly about wandering through fandoms for a few of the above. Feeling fannish for Vikings and a couple of others, to varying degrees. Doing some random lurking and fic-reading on AO3. Dabbled to the extent of translating a bit of Ragnar/Athelstan, and continued exploring.

More of my opinions on these shows - coming up in daily posts throughout May.
Your opinions - always welcome. :) *waves, offers tea and biscuits*

Crossposted from McTabby@DW.
Tags: non-hp fannishness

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