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Summary Executions Part XLII

  • A cannon fanfic, post HBP.

  • A oneshot conversion set shortly after the Big Final Battle between Harry and Severus Snape.

  • At Hogwarts there is to be jousting and balls just like in the Renaissance times.

  • At this time Percy Weasley is unsure, awkward and if not heated, not liked at all by his siblings.

  • AU! He is handsome duke with a mysterious past. She is a beautiful countess with no shilling in her name.


  • Bad Summary. Bad Title. Bad rating. Sorry!

  • Basically this story is about four girls Laura (a Metamorphosis) Erica (Parsletongue), Sabriel (a Seer), and Lily (a normal girl), (sorry but these powers were completely necessary!) and the Mauraders! Leading a teenage life isn't the most easiest thing and bring their powers and Voldemort into the mix things get a little Chaotic. WARNING: Don't get to attached with Erica!Twist at end!

  • Bellatrix had pulled out her wand. Hermione was corned on the ground.

  • Born from and affair, the daughter of Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange transfers to Hogwarts after being expelled from Bouxabons.

  • Ciara Specs is what photographers the perfect girl, boys too. With her amazing bod, exquistie auburn hair, and lustrious full lips you would think she had everything. But she doesn't; she's locked in a room behind her godfather's office, she hardly ever sees her mother, and her father is a pychotic serial killer. Her greatsest burden are her extraordinary powers. And of course her bright red eyes. WHat happens when she more the befriends the famous Harry Potter? Will they be able to over come the identity of her father?

  • Draco has a secret and only the Slytherin house is in on it. But what happens when a certain firehaired Griffynor stumbles upon that secret? And How will Draco get her to keep from spilling the perverbial beans?

  • Everything that she does to him causes some part of him to break off, and he's never able to find it again.

  • follow along and guess what happens next when Harry finds out Malfoys secret.and no it isnt him liking Harry.also should i add a pig in this story?

  • Following the war Draco Malfoy has adopted an almost hermetic existence.

  • George is trying to get back to his shop and hurry and get to the burrow for a family dinner. One his way to the store he winds up running into something that happens to be very pretty, and a curtain professors' daughter at that!

  • Girl from the future where Draco Malfoy is just a sex position

  • Harry did something to Hermione to make her into a he.

  • Harry fances himself as a chef, Hermione goes pink and Snape wears a feater bower.

  • Harry finally relisise that he loves ginny he confesses his love for her and they begin a stemy affair behind deans (ginnys bf) back then tragedy strikes harry is on his way back to hogwarts with the whole gang on the train when he leaves and disapears for months what happens when he comes back to a very destressed ginny and well some other surprises also.

  • Harry is completly ignored when his brother is named the boywholived. Then when the family goes to Rivendell for Harry's brother to get trained, it all hits the fan so the saying goes.

  • Harry Potter is no longer alive and nothing but a Legend in the Text books though many still speak of him and his advetures in the School of hogwarts there's nothing left of Potter but a pair of Triplets named Madison, Alex, and Cally Potter.

  • Harry turns into a vampire and someone who is watching him takes him in parings: I dont know yet.It might be slashyaoi I OWN NOTHING

  • Harry was never real only Stormy James, but no ones realsies it till the 6th year and Flelix Silvertail comes to Hogwarts and this seem to unfold.

  • Harry, Ron and Hermione's seventh year, and Ginny's sixth. This is my version of book 7, and I wish it to be treated as such. What I mean by that is that no one try to tell me how to write it; i.e. Ron should say this, or Harry doesn't act like that. Other than that, all OC's are my original creation and should not be used by anyone else for any reason without explicit permission from me. Enjoy the story!

  • Harry's summer starts early with strange revelations and new plot twists. Come join Harry Hermoine Ron Ginerva and the rest as they get ready to kick a little Voldemort butt.

  • Has Hermione's mother been absolutely truthful about her parents divorce? is there one person in the world who can cam the storm raging in Ronald Weasley?

  • He found her one night in the forest just lying there he could tell that she was one of his kind by the teeth glinting on her mouth. He loved her from the moment he set eyes on her. This is my story, the story of Draco Malfoy. And maybe she feels the same way.

  • Hermione and Draco have made peace over the summer. But can Hogwarts come to terms with the idea of them? dumbledore is not dead! hermione is HG but saddly the heads thought better of it and decidedto have filinchFflechy be HB. Read NOW

  • Hermione and Her daughter are taken from their home after having her home invaded by eaters. What will happen to them?

  • Hermione Ann Zambini Snape, born and raised in the life of a rich noble witch. When her mother dies her father takes her out of school and home scholls her until she is seventeen.

  • Hermione, as Draco decided has golf balls. what about the story regarding his? rated for suggested themes and language.

  • Hermione attempts to stao the great war with one song, and 99 ever-lasting red balloons, can she do it?

  • Hermione is an aspiring poet in the 1800s. The problem is that women aren't allowed to write or have their work published. What will happen to her genius?

  • Hermione looses Ron in The Final Battle

  • Hermione receives a heart transplant and falls for the donor's beloved even though she's engaged. Who will she choose the man she's loved her whole life or the man whom her heart is yearning for?

  • Hermione sat on her bed. She was crying it was Draco, he had died one year ago. He had even purposed to her but it was one hour before he was killed. Hermione stared at the diamond ring on her finger. Harry had purposed to her she said yes but does she love him enough to marry him. WAIT A MINUTE 73 READS AND ONLY TWO REVIEWS COME ON REVEIW

  • Hermione watched harry fall. Magic wind rose from her petit frame. Black flame started to burn in her eyes!

  • HPLotR Xover. Flames not accepted. COMPLETE! Harry is Gandalf, Hermione is Sauron. Gandalf loves Sauron, but does Sauron love him back? Obviously not slash. Those who have been begging me to finish it, your dreams have come true! RR pwease!

  • I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters. The only ones I own are Pegasus and Dante (and maybe a few others). The rest are from J.K. Rowling. It won't be hard to tell the difference between my characters and Rowling's.

  • I realized that it is my fate - my destiny To be unloved, to be misunderstood, to be unfortunately me I will always be below, trodden on coldheartedly Because the wheel of my life had stopped believing in me.

  • I suck at summaries but I've made peace with that.

  • I will do this when I've got at least three chapters... Why write a summary when I am liable to change my mind at any moment?

  • I would put a summery but it's too long

  • If you're that desperate to know what happens, read the story. Jeez.

  • I'm Ezdamarka, fourteen and devilish I hate the world, I hide from people and read too much, the teacher's think i'm sycotic and The only person ever nice to me is Remus Lupin and Sirius Black has had a thing for me for years. They call me Marky. I'm not like other people, I'd rather conduct divination reading then deal with Transfigration. I'm not your normal Gryffandor, I died once, came back I gess, when i was a child, very little, I was hit by a car and got up and expolded it with my mind, I was five, accualy my dad said I melted it, with electricaty. Either way I'm not crazy just anit-soc

  • I'm not good at these sumery deals.

  • In which Harry goes back in time, reluctantly falls for his mother and ultamitely becomes his own dad. Yeah, weird, I know.

  • I's about Lily and James from 5th year to the dreadful end, where prophies begin and end. Please R&R

  • It is Hermione's 7th year and Giny's 6th. The two best friends are on there way back to Hogwarts for a very intresting year when The most unlikey person does a most unlikey thing in the heads compatrment. What better word for this school year then...Unlikely

  • It was a sort of tingling in my stomach, mixed with the oncoming rush of light-headiness and, at the same time, a focusing, burning feeling that surged through my entire body. I called it Fiery Red. Filled with glamour and rising to the top as a star from the gutters, Natalie Britan drops all inhibitions and dons a dress of the eighties, meeting the most amazing woman she could ever have thought of; Madonna Cicconi. Of course, it could just be the liquor.

  • It's 2009, and Katy recieves her letter to Howgwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry only to find an unexpected pier. She is also forced to quit soccer--the love of her life ;).She continues to divert to a 'white room' and can't wakeup without help. Being in Slytherin doesn't help...

  • Its a story about a young girl who.....well, i better not tell you all tha plot. better to read and review, thats what I always say.rated T for bad words and voliet.

  • It's been 365 days since I fell in love. Yes, me, Gimmy Weasley, have been in love for a year.Oh, and I don't have a boyfriend.

  • Katini Flame is a fifteen year old girl who has many problems in her life. She has to deal with the fact that her parents gave there life for her, and the fact that voldemort wants her as a bride. But why does he? she deals with the fact that her fingernails change colors every few hours, but still she doesn't know the reason why.


  • Lily and her friend believe in sex without string, after all why be with one boy when you can have them all?

  • Lily and James had septuplets7 but they have to give them all away. Will the children meat in their first year at Hogwarts? LILY AND JAMES ARE ALIVE! WOOOHOOO!

  • Looking at Lily's collection of DVD's, Sirius gets an idea. They will look into a penseive and make a DVD for baby Harry. But, just like in DVD land, there is an audio commentary. Listen, or rather read, Lily, James, Remus, and Sirius's thoughts about that year.

  • Mary-Ann Anymoire was not a special Hogwarts student, people didn’t even know her first name. They knew her as bookwork, the girl who was obsessed with studying. Quiet and Invisible were her middle names.

  • McGonagal takes things into her own hands, or should I say paws when she deifies Dumbledore and goes to keep a close eye on 5 year old Harry Potter.


  • Opera diva makes the best of Death Eater hobby. Lucius and his woman talk about Barty Crouch Jr. Erotic thriller, MA Honerable charecter death.

  • Pansy sneaks up on draco, draco tells pansy that he is in love with her and him being a fucking asshole was the reason why. Pansy asks hermione the same question and gets the same answer out of hermione, she gets jealous and tells harry, ron, and everyone else. Hermione runs to the secret room she always went to when ever she ahd a horrible time, bumping into draco on the way she invites him..thats all im saying.

  • Percy's life is reasonably calm, what with He Who Must Not Be Named coming out and all, when he meets Luna and he life goes to pot.

  • Please review this story...my livelihood depends on it!

  • Scarlet is a very diffrent yet strangly alike most of the kids at hogwarts this year. She however has one big downer on her social gage, her race. No one likes to get bite...expeasialy by a Vampire.

  • Severus fallsin lovewith oneof his students.Howcan theypossibly betogether without everyoneknowing?She graduatesthis springwill hefinally askthe question thathas beenbugginghim sincethey gottogether?Will shestay around orwillshe dumphim fora sexierteacher

  • She was the inspiration for the Marauders. She was always at her friends' side if their was a crisis. She was Hogwarts' craziest Metamorphmagus who could put a smile on anyone's face with her bubbly personality. She had to save the only people she loved by hiding herself. She was Fortuna Rara Aleta Culebra Diosa Hermosa Elddir, the one even her best friend, Sirius Black, couldn't save.

  • Sirius and James keep losing baby Harry! Oneshot. AU because they didn't get married in the books.

  • so this retard pretending to be hermione adds me and my friend. we r fresked out. how did she get our MSNs? so i based this fic more or les on what was sed. just cause i could. if you had a similar experience, let me know. what a llama...

  • Some days I’m just so happy to be alive. Then again some days I'm lying on my back, bleeding from my forehead wondering weather I screwed over the pope in a past life. Today is not a happy day.

  • Song fic elton john's sorry is the hardest word draco finds his lion.

  • Starts out as the ramblings of Hermione's head.

  • Tempest Artemisa Nyx, descendent of Morgan Le Fey and Merlin, is young and smart. After witnessing a horrible event in her life, she begins on her journey to fight those who want her dead. She gains new friends who help her face her troubled life and history. In the end her fate is decieded when she feces the man of her harbored hatred.

  • The beginning commences with the countless upbringings of the generation before the Boy Who Lived.

  • The summer before Harry's seventh year at Hogwarts, would change his life and the outcome of the war. Little did he know that all this time, there had been a girl with almost the same story as Harry, fighting for her life in the United States. Her name was Aaralyn Sandrine Felch, and she like Harry, was the 'chosen one'. What will happen when they meet? Read to find out.

  • the trio is back for their 7th year at hogwarts. but how can two american twins change everything, what do they know about harry that he doesnt, and what role do they play in the war. so who are the salem twins, Stormi and Starri Night.

  • there once was a girl, her hair in many curls,her nose always stuck in a book. she went away for two years,and now that she came back it's clear, everyone will need a second look.

  • This is ‘bout a girl named Alixandrea Samantha Potter who goes to Hogwarts blah, blah, blah… meets someone falls in love, blah, blah, blah, and kicks some Slytherin ASS!

  • this is a collection of stories about remus and tonks these things did not happen in the book i made them up

  • This is a small poem of Hufflepuffs. I mean seriously why are they always left out. That is so not fair!

  • this is a sneak peak of a much longer story, but basically, a new girl steps into harry's life. she is completely relevent and does not ruin the inicial harry potter charm. but there is a little bit of british vulgarity so i hope not to offened any one.

  • This is our novel of how.... Things got hetic!!! Warning this story contains... Everything .... How do Lily and James really get toghther? What happens if Sirius like only one? What about Remus .... ! Peter ... who cares!!! With out further ado ... We present .... goody-to-shoes.... What happenes if there not good ? Read!!

  • This story is bound to have you stuck to your seat as it reveals plot twist, back-stabbing, and even chill-splintering actions causing you to want for more.

  • To my readers you'll notice it takes me a while to update, it's not because I'm lazy, but that my mind is crammed with the information from my life.

  • Tom finds a wench shop, and gets captivated by one beautiful girl.

  • Truth or Dare?!? Kissing?!? James and Lily?!? Enjoyable?!? What has happened to the world? Okay, so the Griffindore common room was playing truth or dare, and I got picked and chose dare. Then, bloody Sirius had to go and dare me to kiss that fowl git, Potter. And I did, I couldn’t just back down, I wasn’t a chicken. So, I kissed him, but what ever, it was just a kiss. I think. Please r&r.

  • Undecided how it will turn out. But can Darco love a mudblood and will Hermione change her own opinon about him. Set before book five, havent quiet read that one yet.

  • Voldemort's been defeated. Harry is in a kind of comma. A slythering witch with her own views of the world: being alone is the only way to protect oneself from people's stupidity. There's much to be learnt from her, but much more that she has to learn...

  • Wednesday Wolfbane. Comes to Hogwarts as a surprise to everyone, even Dumbledore. She is fun, happy and completely a pain in Snape's bum. She is sympathetic with more then meets the eye.

  • What if the Order was around for much longer? What would happen if Voldermort had a sister? What if she married a Revelution? What happens when there is an agreement? A secret? And two Children?

  • When four new kids get transferred to Hogwarts, two of them being related to Lupin, Strange things start to happen. Wolves that are much bigger than normal are protrolling the campus and the 4 new kids are also staying at Grimland Palace!

  • When the entity known only as Magik 'gives birth' to two brothers the migical world will be turned upside down and inside out. Beware the powers of a mage. will get very graphical hence the reason for the rating.

  • Who's in charge?slash... review pleeease? umm...smut?

  • With being in the eyes of everyone at school and home,Ginny fights to be her self.AN i do not own happy potter.

  • Yet another Severus breaks up with Harry because he deserves better fics.

  • You left me vitiated and insipid, and now I believe it is only just for you to be on the receiving end this time, a helpless bystander as you watch yourself slowly perish, as you hear the excruciating sound of your own breaking heart.

  • Your name is Vanessa Williams and you're knew to Hogwarts. Picture yourself like you are now with perfect body with curves, perfect hair and you're just beautiful. As you go through your year at Hogwarts you discover a secret from your past and romance.

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