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Cat's Birthday HP Drabblethon IV: sign-up post

Imperio Welcome to the fourth annual Cat's Birthday HP Drabblethon!
Still one of the fastest and most eclectic 'thons in the fandom - and for a damn fine cause, too. :D Yes, the cats are real: there's Bestia the big black Sorting Cat (she's the one you blame), who turns eight this year, and the sweet little tabby called Imperio, who's turning three.

So, how about a drabble for the kitties? Come on, it's their birthday(s). *beckons enticingly*

How this works: Think of a prompt for somebody else, and the Sorting Cat will give you somebody else's prompt in exchange.

The only restriction: no crossovers (they're too hard to Sort, says the Cat). Otherwise, be bold - release your inner Gryffindor! - there will be a great variety of prompts, and you could end up with anything. Go look at the 2004-2006 drabblethons: there's gen, slash, het, crack, angst, smut, humor... anything and everything. Really. And it is fun, and some people even come back for more drabbling every April.

Here's the sign-up poll. Posted at 6 p.m. British time on April 20, open for 24 hours. At 6 p.m. on April 21 this poll will shut down and the Sorting Cat will use her Paw of Doom on your prompts.

Six hours later, at midnight on April 22, I'll post the list of who's writing what. You'll have 24 hours to produce your 100-word drabble and post it as a comment there: until midnight strikes on April 23. Any prompts still unwritten at that point will become available as an open challenge for anyone.

We're using the Hogwarts timezone - British time. [What time is it over there now?]

ETA: That's it! Poll closed! The Sorting Cat is now doing her thing to your prompts. Please stay tuned - the list of who's writing what will be posted at midnight British time.

ETA again: Sorting done! Go look at the list of who's writing what. That's where people will post their drabbles, as comments. Go read! :)

Poll #970204 Cat's Birthday HP Drabblethon IV: the sign-up poll

Provide a prompt for somebody else to drabble on: a character, pairing, theme, kink, keyword, quote, whatever. Gen, slash, or het. Anything goes, but it must be HP, no crossovers. Field length: 100 characters.

If you make a mistake or change your mind, you can edit your answer by going to the Fill out Poll page and re-submitting.

By contributing a prompt for somebody else to drabble on, you're also solemnly swearing to write 100 words yourself on a prompt contributed by somebody else. Fan-artists may draw instead of writing; you decide what the art equivalent of a drabble is.

Fair warning, repeated: you could end up with ANYTHING. Blame the Cat.

Have fun! :D

And if you want more photos of the Birthday Cats, there are dozens over there.
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