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Summary Executions Part XXXIX

  • 6th year at hogwarts but you dont know anyone dont know anyone because of a spell that draco has palceed upon you... but what happens when you fall for his enemy?rated beacues i didnt right it and havent read it

  • A new teacher is coming to Hogwarts, and she falls in love with Professor Lupin Who has returned! Yay! but can't talk to men!

  • A poem that looks into the outlook of a young teenager named Ginny W. in hope we mite know her. Whiten to help inspire the author if you would like to use it contact me

  • A very long fiction I wrote between math classes. 9 foolscap pages long! Hmph.

  • a weird notion in a book is to call it lifas WE kbow it! i meen! US! read review and let the smalles evermystery unfold..............!

  • An ancient prophecy chose her destiny. The problem is...Will it cost her her life to save the wizarding world from ultimate destruction and release the Pheonix that's been sedated in her since childhood?

  • An angsty, cloudy summer bit on one not usually protrayed so darkly... Lily Evans.

  • Another child of sugar high me. Pleaze excuze the random and crazynezz of it. Or don't. Whatever. Just az long az someone rrz thiz thing. BLEH! and thanks.

  • " Are you the shadow master?" Voldemort asked, turning to face the young Potter. Harry smirked darkly, holding up his hand to produce a ball of fire." What doe's it look like Voldie .. scared, well you should be, because right now I'm about to kick your a

  • As the war between Good an Evil, rears its ugly head. The Wizarding Worlds hero, fighter and sometimes 'Scape Goat' will unwillingly but Passionatly take on the biggest challenge known to mankind.

  • Aurelaid is the closet Tom has to a friend, or was anyway...

  • Before the Golden Trio, before the Infamous Marauders, there was you and Dumbledore. You had always had a secret crush on him and you didn't want anyone you know. Albus Dumbledore was like all of the Marauders, save for Peter, combined in one. When he went to Hogwarts, he was the hottest male and most wanted, he and his friends were mischief makers, and he was very intelligent, he was also kind and forgiving. It was now wander you had a crush on him since first year at Hogwarts. A/N: I dunno when Dumbledore went to Hogwarts, so it's supposed to sound like modern today, even the clothing.


  • DISCLAIMER: Everyone, thing, and place is the work of the creative genius of JK Rowling. My two original characters, Milla and Rowena, however, are the work of my creative genius

  • Draco feels pretty, like he can bring the world to its knees. Involves makeups and dreams of the past. Life isn't always all it's made out to be.

  • Draco is in a coma after a incident and now He and Harry lice in London, trying to avoid the constant threat of Voldermort's minions and lead normal, human lives.

  • Draco Malfoy is forced to go into Gryffindor after setting fire to Hermione's robes, causing the whole Gryffindor table to go up in flames.

  • Draco meets a girl who is exactly like him, only possibly better at everything. How will he react. How will his friends react.

  • dumbdore has adopted six sons that are lil demon that can use elements of fire, air, earth, water.... do i tell you that their also demons

  • Entering his six year Harry with come face to face with his deepest fears. Death will be a common factor in his life this year, and trying to cope with those already lost leaves Harry tittering on the edge of sanity.

  • Ever since her 3rd year at Hogwarts School, Skye Ostrich Silverby has been friends with the Marauders and eventually became one her self.

  • Ginny fell to the floor crying........I hope you get this. Before HBP Good Draco...okay!Gosh!

  • Good...I am charmed with this station of the year...though the title almost does not have anything…A CHAPTER!It is my first translation of the Spanish to the Englishman, do not be bad!

  • Half the fift book was about Harry's love life, what if half the fift book was a lie and six redheaded men are about too find out in the most uncomfortable way. AU after the fift year and some facts are changed about the fift book. HG, protective Weasley

  • Harry and Ginny have just gotten married and this is a story of their lives and the tiny conflicts they face! Rated M for sexual preferences, which start in the 1st chapter!

  • Harry dives into Snap's memory in the fifth book.

  • Harry has either gone crazy or he's been bewitched. He's killing off the Order one member at a time. OR IS HE! Read This Now! If you tell me I sux at summaries, I will hunt you down and rip your armpits out. Not really

  • Harry, in an unfortunate turn of event's, is given a dose of bad. What happens when there are two Harry Potter's; One that enjoy's killing and rage, and the other the sweet child of the Prophocy...put in the same body! Talk about mood swings...

  • Harry must deal with being bound to the Veela race, while trying to defeat Voldemort and get free from the vixen Veela that chase after him.

  • Harry Potter is not the person he seems to be, if you're stupid enough to fall for the front he puts up when he's around people you don't deserve to know the real him. Goth!Harry. I wrote it cuz their arn't enough Gothfics.

  • Harry potters story is relevant but what about Voldemort?We know Harry potter has his parents gone but, what about Voldemort? Well now you know in this action packed novel. With lots of great action. Epilogue inside.

  • Harry sucks his pencil while fantasizing about snape during potions.

  • Harry will have to fight to fur fill the prophecy but what will Voldemort do...

  • Harry's 7th year no Hermione…yet, then comes gangster, tomboy, rapper, pureblood, drug & alcohol user, straight from the hood Hermione Granger with an attitude that could scare the teachers out of their wits in no time!

  • Harry's at Privet Drive when he wakes up from a...dream. Not wut you expect...actually, it might be if you interpreted that right.... Pre HBP read it if ur cool.

  • Harry's mind in curputed he lost his friends, and his new one is aslo contorled by Voldemort, now Harry and Nuria must kill either the childhood fear, or friend. COMPLETE GO ME!

  • Hermione and Viktor Krum...during the TriWizard tournimant..some HPB series spoliers..for the fifth AND sixth..and if you truelly where harry potter fans..you would have already read them...for goodness sakes I wore a gryffindor robe and hat to the movie.

  • Hermione gets ..... and then she gets ........ and then she goes crazy because of her ........ Read story to find out

  • Hermione Granger is an angel sent to protect Harry Potter. She must abide by the 5 Laws of Angelica. Failure of doing so and she will fall... What happens when an angel falls?

  • Hermione malfoy reflects on all of the first's her husband draco malfoy gave her. and remember that god blesses you if you reveiw

  • Hermione was in her 7th year and finally her body had started to take form.

  • "Hogwarts has never paid host to muggle eyes, Miss Granger".

  • I heard the song "fall on me" on the radio and thought this could make a grate fan fic. So hear it is a fluffy fic about Herminie and Ron after the war with some sadness and ginny through in.

  • In and out. That's all this is about. A proposition, a means, an inclination. Lust, maybe, on a stretch. But maybe they're right. You know them. They say 'in and out' is a system fallacy in flaw. They say that 'in and out' isn't enough. They say that 'in and out' is a blessed perfection marred by tangible miscalculations and erratic instabilities. Pox on them. In and out, assuredly.

  • Isabelle Gryffindor is going to hogwarts for her first time as a seventh year. She has her eye on Harry Potter but hopes he doesnt like her because she is royalty...there are some spelling mistakes because i tent to type fast and dont check what I'm doing

  • It all starts with a Harry's abused thingy, but it will continue to something else.

  • It's about this girl named Autumn who orginally went to a school called Sidhenight in the States, and her parents paid a lot of money to have her transferred to Hogwarts, where she meets Draco Malfoy, and she falls in love with him, and shit goes down.

  • James Potter, adored by all well not really, James has a lot of problems at home and then how do you think he manages when his best friends turn against him. their is only one person to help him and that is LILY EVANS! Lily has secrets of her own such as the fact she is the daughter of the president of USA! what happens when these secrets come out and true feelings show? you will have to read to find that out!

  • just read, hard to explain... if someone can give me summary, will love you forever...

  • Lily meets an italian speaking student playing the piano one night in the castle while looking for the tiolet, James meets an language blocked girl, with an attitude one night exploring, can the language of love help the two students find their true love

  • Lily's pregnant. James thinks he's in love. Remus is tryng to forget about love. Sirius is trying to get the attention of the only girl who gets around as much as him. Servus Love's who?

  • Looking back, it was all because of those blasted boxers. Yes, he would blame it on the boxers. That and her stupid knickers. And his sofa. And Blaise. And Colin. And that dratted cat. Oh, and buggering sperm. Yes, it was a conspiracy. Yes, that was it.

  • my version of Harrys 6th year. Dumbledore arrested, Sirius alive? im not a good writer so flame all you want i wont get better!

  • Okay listen, I cant figure out the problem with the spacing and puntuation, but just read it and add the appropriote punctuation in your mind.No flames please.Major posting going on.

  • Perhaps if it had been a Gryffindor the sky would have opened up drenching everything in torrents of rain He thought. It seemed even God turned his back on the Slytherins.

  • Polyjuice gone wrong. How does Severus end up as a british crane the colour of Lucius hair?

  • Post hog warts one shot.

  • Ravenclaws are notoriously unreactionary. People from different houses find them studious, quiet, uncaring. Is this true? Or is there more to Ravenclaw than meets the eye?

  • Remus and Harry are married and Harry is pregnant and carrying triplets. After they're born, the wolf in Remus forces him to reject the youngest of the three because she almost died and was the weakest. The wolf couldn't take it if he lost a pup so remus

  • Ron and Hermione battle to sustain their urge to be all over each other. However holding it for so long may make it explode.

  • Ron goes through a life changing incident that changes his life forever.

  • Shall I compare thee to a Winter's night? Thou art more starless and more frigerate...

  • Sixteen years after the war Harry and Draco are living happily ever after, until Draco's past catches up with him. Now Draco's daughter Karma must discover what happens after happily ever after OOC.

  • Snape's back from the dead and out for hearts...or was it souls? He has a quota to make or he goes back to hell!

  • So Draco and Hermione are Head ByGurl, that old cliche, what happens when one wants something the other doesn't.

  • Sometimes finding a family can be scarry business as Harry finds out.

  • Thanks for ruining my life and my pixie growing bathroom with your filth, James Potter.

  • The lovestricken, and horrifying story of a poor, muggleborn girl from New York and a rich, pureblood boy from Buckinghamshire, London.

  • The Malfoys were Slytherins cold, aloof, uncaring… just like the moon. They could not show emotions the moon did not show emotions, the moon did not cry.

  • the man, the girl and the tree -- are the only survivors of the Final Battle. Two in comas for a week, they woke on the same day, gasping to consciousness at the same time, while great, sap tears rolled down the trunk of the third.

  • The messy haired male brought his lips to the redhead's mane of hair and let his lips brush against the soft strands. He would have to remember to tell his children to never doubt Divination class...Why does Harry think this? Read to find out!

  • The Muggle tale of Little Red Riding Hood, where a wolf walking on his hind legs like a man eats a little girl's grandmother may seem just a fairy tale for children, beginning with the fundamental overtures of "Once Upon A Time", but it is more than just a story. The descent of an evolutionary human being back into his ancestral state of bestiality is hardly any joking matter. Couple the intelligence of a human with the animalistic ferocity of a wolf, and a formidable weapon is forged. The werewolf is not a myth, but a beast that lives within each and every one of us.

  • The years after Harry Potter killed the Dark Lord were as pleasant as ever. Ron Weasley became Minister of Magic and Hermione became the ministers wife. Harry went from job to job for a few years then went missing.

  • There is a new girl at hogwarts and she so happens to be draco's sister

  • This is a description af Harry's turn to the Dark. It's a straigh mass of metaphores and symbolism.

  • This is a story where they dont find Harry until he is twenty. Lesse what happens when I try to crap every concieveable clishes into one story.

  • THis is just plane stupid and just there.SSHG and Fairies yay. Hope you read and Flame but reviews are okmto. I geuss.

  • This Story Inculdes : Turning into Malfoy, Turning into Violet, Hitting fred with a saucier pan , turning into opposite sex, disgusting terms of cursing , getting blad and many more 1st try in HermionexFred, HILARIOUS story

  • "To return back to a man you mush learn to love and be loved in returned, and this must happened before the last petal of that rose falls." A tempured prince to endure a life as a beast & a fair maiden to help him find love. A Ron and Hermione love story.

  • Trysten Moonjade is new to Hogwarts. She's used to observing life. What happens when she finds herself falling for the Ice Prince of Slytherin? Why do a thestral and a man in the forest keep making contact? Most characters brought to their negative extrem

  • WARINIG Very fast happening story.

  • Warning: contains mention of slash relationship between vampires.

  • well ginny draco fic. late at night in a closet... what do you think happens? well it really doesn't have that much of a plot but you can pretend. mostly sex...

  • What happens when me and 2 friends are not only half vampire but sisters. We go to school at Hogwarts! Sirius has escaped and Lupin is drunk.WTF, Who does draco like.

  • what happens when the marders go to the futer

  • What if the daughter of Tom Riddle was lost to a tribe of Sioux Indians at a young age? What if after 10 years of being picked on and learning the ways of the tribe the girl was taken away to Hogwarts to learn how to use her magically ability.

  • What Is the Mysterious Past of Chloe lovegood. Does she have any conntoin to harry?sorry i'm not at a summary.

  • When a long lost family member of Dracula goes to Hogswarts, every thing from changes and the rules get shattered. crusing lit and fig and mild suggestive themes. Reader be warned.

  • With Aunt Petuni and Dudley Dursley dead, Harry takes the blunt of his and His brother, Evane's, uncle's anger. Trying to stay together while fighting ilnesses brought on by death, how do they react to the Malfoy brothers? Can Harry survive life with out his brother? Does he even have to?

Free Bonus Extra: Title Executions!

  • A Harey Little Problem

  • Deathly Wishes of a Dragons Sweet Kisses

  • draco's unsprken slave

  • Every clod has a silverlining

  • Fallen Angles

  • Harry Potter & the Riddle riddle

  • Harry Potter and the Phoenix Rangers

  • Killer Goth

  • Krimson Requim

  • My Bleeding Crimson Despair

  • Romeo, Romeo, Wait, YOUR ROMEO?

  • Stick wit you (one shot)

  • Tales Of A Vampiric Schoolgirl

  • The American mofia princess goes to hogwarts!

  • The Horse, the Leapord, and the Serpant

  • The Jesus of Surburia is Ron

  • The Protruding Stink Of Your Amazing Beauty

  • The Seed of Rubeus Hagrid

  • The Vampiress and Veelan

  • Think Stupid, Think!

  • Werewolf Suck At Volleyball

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