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HP Fandom Friending Frenzy IV

It's been six months since the third Friending Frenzy... time for a fourth! :D [previous Frenzies]
  • New to the HP fandom, or new to LiveJournal?
  • Seeking fresh blood for your friends/friend-of list?
  • Discovered anyone interesting lately?
Declare yourself here!

Leave a comment - introduce yourself, promote someone else, or ask for friend-recs. Use this template if you wish.
Hi! I'm plugging [myself / other person]

Why? [new to fandom/LJ, want more friends, want recs, is fabulous, is bored, whatever...]

Likes: [characters, ships, genres, interests, kinks...]

Dislikes: [characters, ships, genres, squicks, pet peeves...]

What's in your LJ? [mostly fandom/mostly real life/mix of both, fic posts, art posts, recs, opinions, challenges, RPGs, icons, drabbles, fangirling, random babble, quizzes and memes, other fandoms...]

Other links: [link to your fics/art/website/RPG/list/community...]
Feel free to comment and rec people/communities/fics to those who introduce themselves.

Happy May Day, everyone! Hope your friends-lists expand in a good way!

P.S. If you're really new around here, try adding some fandom newsletters to your friends list.

P.P.S. How long will this thing last? Am I too late? - This Friending Frenzy will remain open until it collects 5,000 comments: that's the LiveJournal limit, and the third Frenzy reached it in two days last October. So if this one's still under 5,000, you're not too late!

And if you're reading-browsing, may I suggest starting with the last page and working backwards?

ETA May 5: That's it! 5,000 comments reached, and this Frenzy is officially frenzied out. But it's still here for browsing, if you want to look through the 19 pages of comments and friend anyone who looks tasty.

Thanks for playing! :)
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