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Summary Executions Part XXVII

  • 3ed year, practicing to become an Animungi Sirius, Remus, Peter & James sit talking in the Girls bathroom that is hunted. What could 4 male teens Talk about...Hmm?

  • A Harry/Hermione songfic of tragic proportions.

  • A new species comes to hogwarts and her suductive behaviour worries the gang (sirius james remus lilly peter) but they find out that a simple bird's song can either tame her...or unleash her

  • A one shot poem about Hermione's love for Harry. It's not as dull as it sounds...believe me.

  • A run around in circles story that brings Hermione into thinking Draco loves her. But with a twist of fate, things go wrong and she is stuck in the ponder of if he's really truth or false.

  • A story of Harry's sixth year where all santity is lost. Harry is an egotistical maniac. Ron is a poor wimp who follows Harry's every wish. And Hermione is The ultimate source of knoledge in the universe. Kiss your cannon goodbye and laugh till you die. (hope you like that chessey rhyme.) Warnings: This story may contain material un-apropriate for those who do not have a sense of humor. It contains Heavy Sarcasim and makes a mockery of everything Harry Potter related. If you can not handle the level of humor in this... humor fic please do not leave me a stupid reveiw telling me so.

  • A story of pain and sorrow, not intented for comfort or laughter...a story that remains untold, on of abuse and blood...telling of a shattered girl who learned to twist a heart of stone into one of warm gold. This is not a story for the faint of heart, nor the happy in spirit. But for those who are able to understand what it means to be hurt...to watch as a girl's spirit is shattered like glass upon concrete. Watch as she melts the young master's heart of ice, and watch as she helps him heal. She has no name, but his...is Señor Draco.

  • After a accident in Potions, Harry Potter and Dean Thomas find themselfs in 1975! What can a boy and a girl do while they tries to find a way home to 1995?

  • Arranged marriages, gotta love 'em. Main character's Sev at 17. and I have no clue what the time-period is. They have a butcher, a baker, and a schoolhouse, but they say "cunt-face" and they launder outside, but they seem very okay with the gay couple

  • Charity Vale is the tangible form of the Lunar Flower; forged in the heat of battle, she is divine purity at its best.

  • Cho is playing truth or dare with Harry,she picks truth.."Do You like me?"Cho sits there fumming her thumbs.

  • Death, destruction, kill, doom that is what my father wants me to be. Follow the dark lord I'm still your Hermione so please please review

  • Draco and Harry are sent to help the Slayer with an occuring evil. Sparks fly between Draco and Buffy. May or may not be as good as it sounds.

  • Draco's in the hosipital and he's engaged to Harry. Better then it sounds.

  • Dumbledor gives harry sme stuff. Some Gryffindors start a band, Harry gets a creature Hagrid loves,Krum compeats with Harry for someone, And some other things will happen. Dont know yet.

  • During the Second War Ron is killed and Hermione is forced to relive the day he was murdered at his funeral (horrible summary, but it's better than it sounds).

  • Everybody loves Lily, she's perfect. Except for one thing...she's failing Charms... Can anyone help this Cali girl from the other side of the world?

  • Follows cannon, no slash.

  • Harry and Ron's world in a fluffy sort of way. MAJOR MPREG!

  • harry ends up back in time becomes friends with his future potions master will he fall in love its up to you to deside just review and isint in the good shoes with the maradurs is he as such a prat as snape always said he was ?

  • Harry gets raped,Ginny can't figure out emotions,Ron and Hermione.

  • Harry has run out of potions class and needs a place to hide, he finds somewhere but he smells a rat as soon as he meets a strange girl.

  • Harry is hit by lighting and cursed with Immortality. People come back from the dead, fights, heirs will be found, Pranks? and more. Much better then it sounds!

  • Harry Potter has gone through many things in his life that have tried his soul and pulled his life force down.

  • Harry's in love with the hollowed pain and is secluded within his own icy palace, Draco is in love with him and is desperate (after war) slash twisted,dark better than it sounds

  • Harry's life was miserable untill he met a bad- ass witch from Texas.

  • He lifted her up, high into the sky, even though her feet never left the ground.

  • Hermione finally finds something to fiddle about.

  • Hermione goes to do her homework in the Astronemy tower late at night, what will happen after she slips and falls of the edge of the tower? (better than it sounds!)

  • hermione is head girl. guess hoos head boy? Malfoy. she has to cope a year with malfoy. she thinks it will be awful. maybe it wont. plz read sounds better than it is

  • Hermione's had a hard life. A battered Hermione story, it's better then it sounds trust me!

  • How can a man make a woman loathe and love him at the same time? If he's Draco Malfoy.

  • Hrrry is raised by lions. Typical right? Not when Harry grows up in Africa, never knowing his ture heritage......

  • I sux a summary's so it is better then sounds.

  • i won nothing. i am a disclaimer.

  • i'm rlly bad at summaries.

  • If Harry were mistaken, Malfoy was impossibly scary and completely unstoppable, (so why bother trying?) Gods! Draco would have a mirror on his ceiling!

  • if you read my work, i don't care if you flame, i don't care if you hate the story so much that you want to personally send me a video of you burning a printed copy of it, just please please please R&R.

  • im not gud in description!!

  • In their 6th year, Harry, Ron and Hermione sign up for a new class offered to 6th and 7th years, Wizard Studies. Like muggle Women's Studies, where you visit a woman in prison, the trio and their classmates will be visiting wizards in Azkaban. They soon meet their project, Samara Walker, the youngest witch to ever be put in Azkaban.

  • It all began with the witnessing of a murder. A meeting ensued on the dance floor. Revelations are revealed before a cut throat death. A hatred forms with a silent respect for the other. How far will defiance go because of one simple emotion as a dark power tries to descend the generation into a state of hysteria.

  • It all started with a classic argument... yet it ended in a tangled web of time turners; love; devotion and a deep seeded soul-renching secret that would turn their lives upside down... But Love will Proveil....

  • It will be slash eventully. Promise. Ginny finds out she's a Princess and is engaged to Draco, but he loves another and she doesn't want to be a princess. What to do? Has demons and vamps i suck at summeries. Just R&R i hope its not as bad as it sounds.

  • It's barely a month into the school year and Hermione explodes because Ron was being Ron.

  • James isn't Harry dad Voldemort is. Lilly is a pureblood while her sister is a squid. Dumbledore makes Lily marry James to make everyone think Harry's is James. They could not fool Voldemort.

  • Jodie, Hannah, Casie, and Freisha are all first years at Hogwarts and none of them new about it. They decide to be friends and then they meet the Marauders. Can the Quatros Enchiladas seduce the Marauders?

  • L/J, but you'll have to pretend the current HP series doesnt exist to enjoy it!

  • Life is really just a rainbow of colours that make up our lives. (Contains rape, violence, and teen pregnancy. You have been warned.)

  • Look I suck summaries just R&R please.

  • "My story... Shall you hear it all? Or shall I leave out my pain, love, hatred, joy, love, or shall it be my sorrow? Alas, my privacy is now your business. Those I loved, feared, hated, you shall know their names." Malynnda Malfoy is a 14 year old witch living in Malfoy Mansion. Her life is about to be filled with the twists and turns of adolescence. Her love life is finally heating up.

  • Not everyone is perfect as they appear to be as the old saying goes, 'Never judge a book by its cover'. Hermione Granger, was one such girl who everyone thought her to be weak, stuck up, a know-it-all that never stops being a bookworm, the queen of being a smart minded Gryffindor, and other things when they'd look at her and judge her. But they were all wrong. She was completely different from them all with having to live with fighting the deep thing that causes her pain within her everyday nonstop while putting up a fight in never giving up with trying to life a normal life like any other person or magical student in Hogwarts. This is her life. This is her story of what it's like living with it.

  • O how I suck at Summarys!

  • Please review, and know that I haven't slept for ages when writing this. Lupin and ... girl.

  • R and R and I'll give you an imaginary treat!

  • Remus bursts at Tonks.

  • riview or i wont add!i want riveiws not from my sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ron and Draco are dating, and they have a baby. Better than it sounds.

  • SEVERE bits of out of character Voldemort in this story.

  • She looked up at the sky closed her eyes and reopened them. Her eyes...they were silver. The tears on the ground around her- silver, the tear streaks on her face faintly glowed silver and her hair was beginning to turn silver. The tattoo that covered her left hand was also glowing silver. She raised her palms towards the sky and said in a loud voice "Erised stra enru oyt ube cafru oyt on wosi!" "My Lord" Peter stuttered from behind Voldemort "The rain...its turned to blood"...

  • Shit summary, please read!

  • Shunned by his housemates and left sarcastic and bitter, with the war over and won what is Harry to do now he can live ? answer: turn to tobacco and self harm while developing a romance with a once hated enemy now friend and confident

  • Sirius lays in Azkaban, reflecting on his life with his friends.

  • Sirius, Remus, and Harry deal with life and things.

  • slitly AU

  • The dark heart of a lonely man discovers a womans warmth and passionately they ride out their forbidden love. k, it sounds uber-cheesy but read on!

  • The gang and some other felow Hoggart students are going to America to be on t.v.!

  • the red moon places a temporary spell over her. blankets her mind and eyes. A puppet, she walks over to his arms. Bah-humbug.... a sweet or sickly angsty fic...review! looks better than it seems...

  • The story of imperfection. NOT D/H I'm really sorry to those of you who wanted it to be, but this is Neville/Blaise. My god, it IS better than it sounds.

  • The story of what Lavender and Seamus once had...stupid summaries. Story better than it sounds, please give it a chance!

  • The Strawberry is truly the Queen of Fruit. How much red can a certain Draco Malfoy handle? Lots of metaphors, DM/GW please take the time to read i promise its worth it!

  • This is better than it sounds.Snape finds out he had a daughter for 17 yrs.How will he coop with what he just did?

  • This Story is about a Teen who has gone insane. Follow her as she ends up at Hogwarts and falls in love with Malfoy

  • This story is filled with romance violence snuggling a horibble event and a kiss to end all kisses.

  • Through Hermione's unfortune, Harry is there.

  • Tis Harry's 6th Year (after ootp) It's Yet Another Year For Harry And The Gangs. New Face's And Old Face's Tis Good Story So Please Feel Free To Look In To It... Tis A HG-RH-NL So Do Come Have A Look See You Just May Get Hooked.

  • Title tells all [Title: When you play duck-duck-goose with a crazed Harry]

  • Voldemort has been defeted and so is Harry?

  • Voldermont's rain has begun.

  • what was james potter really like? was he really just a bulling toe-rag?

  • What would happen if Professor McGonagall had two beautiful nieces that went to school with the Marauders, and one of them had a pet tiger and the other had a psychic cat?

  • When Harry was a baby james and sirius and moony all went out celebrating wormtail no where to be found. There he got drunk and he met Good old artuther Wesley well he was celebrating the birth of his daughter. Well you know him they where enggaged.

  • When it snows, misfortune always seems to catch wind.

  • Who needs Voldemort- A new villan is rising. Tension is rising, and who knows- You could even be the evil one. Read and Review- This story will be more- INTERESTING TO READ

  • wierd stuff has happend to me like out running a tornado and then i get the letter and go and screw up.

  • Will Hermione find love in a snake? Will her new friends help her on this terrible journey?

  • Yeah, this sum-ry suxs, right?

  • Yenta is turning 11 and know that she will be going to Hogwarts what she doesn't know is who real parents are hence the name who are my real parents.

  • Zoe is a new girl at Hogwarts of Witchcraft and Wizardry from America.

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