Minerva McTabby (mctabby) wrote,
Minerva McTabby

Cat's Birthday HP Drabblethon

Bestia the Sorting Cat is curled up on the couch, fast asleep, after assigning 124 drabble topics to the appropriate writers.

  • done! alchemine wrote Moody/Pomfrey post-Dept of Mysteries battle when the injured are brought in for jestana
  • done! amanuensis1 wrote NC-17 Sub!Ron/Dom!Hermione. Ron convinces his domineering gf to try D/S for icarusancalion
  • done! angeleledhwen wrote Remus, everyday life in Britain, Muggle or Wizard for cjk1701
  • done! angelofthenorth wrote Draco and any female Hufflepuff, consensual for senji
  • done! annchen wrote McGonagall/Hooch, first kiss for romana03
  • done! ari_o wrote the ultimate sex ed experience: the Hogwarts blow up doll, passed down from generation to generation for pirouette
  • done! arionrhod wrote Lust potion; Snape; slash pairing; comedy &/or filth for predatrix
  • done! arionrhod and obsessed1 wrote All I ever do is say that I'm sorry. for frek
  • done! bethbethbeth wrote Kingsley Shacklebolt, hunter for the Ministry. for wired_lizard
  • done! biichan and ursulakohl wrote earmuffs for miscellanny
  • done! boniblithe wrote smutfic featuring Magorian the centaur and: a carrot, a bridle or the word "whinny" for pushdragon
  • done! cedarlibrarian wrote someone starts a musical ensemble (any kind) at Hogwarts for ellen_fremedon
  • done! channonyarrow wrote "That which doesn't destroy me makes me stronger"-- Dumbledore's POV for webbapettigrew
  • done! cheshyre wrote There's a fascinating magical artefact at Borgin and Burkes... for isiscolo
  • done! ctorres wrote Ginny Weasley/Gabrielle Delacour for cyanei
  • done! cursive wrote Ron, Draco and the comfy chair for wickedwords
  • done! daisy_does wrote Luna/Zacharias for hermione_like
  • done! agonistes wrote First meeting to last, in 100 words for angeleledhwen
  • deviousli will write Tom Riddle/Frank Bryce for nicolae
  • done! dkwilliams wrote Snape reads poetry to his Potions class. What, why and how are up to you. Fic must be in prose. for switchknife
  • done! strangefrontier wrote Harry goes snooping in dungeons. Caught by Slytherin girls. It doesn't go well for him. for amanuensis1
  • done! ella_macmillan, lessthanpie, lnx_equals_1, and zeelee_penguin wrote Narcissa/Remus; "cigarette tracing a ladder to the stars" for tarie
  • done! ellen_fremedon wrote Snape/Anyone "I never knew the end of the world would be so irritating." for dkwilliams
  • done! faelori wrote biscuits and tea for kissthisx86
  • done! pushdragon wrote Striptease. Dumbledore. 'nuff said. for the_gentleman
  • done! marksykins wrote Neville/Sirius, with Neville on top for rosefyre
  • done! marksykins wrote Neville Longbottom; nervous habits, one sided Neville/Harry for wanderingscribe
  • done! florahart wrote Hogwarts was not founded 1000 years ago, but c. invention of modern plumbing for ursulakohl
  • done! fluffyllama wrote Ron/Oliver; hero worship for lysrouge
  • done! foi_nefaste wrote Professor Dumbledore. In the Conservatory. With the lead pipe. for wyoming_knott
  • done! frek wrote Luna Lovegood/Crumple-Horned Snorkack for mad_and_crazy
  • done! gertrudeflint wrote James, Sirius, jealousy for idlerat
  • done! gmth wrote anyone/Sirius, non-con, victim!Sirius for daisy_does
  • done! gwendolyngrace wrote Dumbledore. Ollivander. Two men more than usually gifted with "wands" for grapedragon
  • done! _hannelore wrote Snape's bedtime reading for prillalar
  • done! heidi8 wrote Harry takes Ron to a Muggle movie theater. Ron's never been in one before. Popcorn is involved. for cedarlibrarian
  • done! hermione_like wrote Snape/Pomfrey with a silly misunderstanding for laurelwood
  • done! hermione_like wrote McG., transfig., students with allergies for lolaraincoat
  • done! hildigunnur wrote "Wait, Hermione. YOU'RE a girl." "Oh, well-spotted." for quizzicalsphinx
  • done! lokechild wrote Rita/Percy, quill slash for icarusinwax
  • done! icarusancalion wrote whore!Percy/Fudge for prettypuddle
  • done! icarusinwax wrote Harry/Cedric, in the showers, involving sexual activity other than showerfucking for mark356
  • done! verstehen wrote Snape gets even with evil!Dumbledore for soawen
  • done! verstehen wrote Hermione Granger has an unexpected crush for ari_o
  • done! verstehen wrote Regulus/Bellatrix. One of them kills the other. Obviously, possibly AU. for cyanide_blue
  • done! idlerat wrote "He sways his head from side to side, with movements like a snake;" - Macavity for underlucius
  • done! illmantrim wrote Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives. for sideviewhotel
  • done! isiscolo wrote Is Trevor really just a toad? for _hannelore
  • done! sideviewhotel wrote tea versus coffee! for jereeza
  • done! jereeza wrote Minerva and Snape, drunk on Christmas, alone in the Great Hall for zeelee_penguin
  • done! jestana wrote Dumbledore, maroon socks, Molly Weasley... gen or smut, you choose for lizardlaugh
  • done! ethuil wrote Filch/Hooch. Broom closet for wyomingnot
  • done! kijikun wrote white lilies for touchthelute
  • done! thistlefinch wrote Sirius/Kingsley, with bondage for maeglinyedi
  • done! kissthisx86 wrote Lemon drops. And a mention of Fawkes for phreid
  • done! labellerose wrote Luna Lovegood can't believe it. (Should involve Snape.) for lizziesilver
  • done! laurelwood wrote Fred and George, a new product yields unexpected results for gmth
  • done! leogryffin wrote Harry comes out as Straight, so does Snape for angelofthenorth
  • done! leogryffin wrote Remus/Hagrid with spanking for scribbulus_ink
  • done! linelen wrote Sarah McLachlan "Stay close to me while the sky is falling. I don't want to be left alone." for illmantrim
  • done! lizardlaugh wrote Ron/Quaffle "He always lets the Quaffle in, Weasley is our King" for xavantina
  • done! lolaraincoat wrote SS/LM, "Since, if we loved like beasts, the thing is done, And I’ll not hide it, though our heaven be hell." for sharp_tongue
  • done! thinkatory wrote a *GEN* fic about Snape and a Timeturner for nextian
  • done! luthien wrote Snape celebrates his birthday for fluffyllama
  • done! lysrouge wrote Fred/George - "Don't move, it's over in a minute" for puppy_tenchan
  • done! mad_and_crazy wrote Young adult!Severus waiting to see if his Potion Mastery Project has met expectations for labellerose
  • done! corsiva wrote Dudley/Lockhart done seriously for biichan
  • done! maeglinyedi wrote Buckbeak/Sirius for lokechild
  • done! maelwaedd wrote Tom/Draco Before the diary is given to Ginny for corsiva
  • done! malecrit wrote Why is Griselda Marchbanks immortal? And is it a blessing or a curse? for faelori
  • done! melodylemming wrote Voldemort: "There's really nothing like a fine cream soda..." for agonistes
  • done! merrycontrary wrote Bill Weasley: Head Boy for gwendolyngrace
  • done! lizziesilver wrote Dumbledore & Flamel & ye olde alchemy for strangefrontier
  • done! lonestarkate wrote Tom Riddle with words "bell, book, and candle" for vivien529
  • done! lonestarkate wrote McGonagall/Trelawney for rane_ab
  • done! nextian wrote Hufflepuff!Mary-Sue and Peter Pettigrew. With love. Sweet love. for plaidwater
  • done! nicolae wrote Gryffindor bashing. Pro-Slytherin. Manipulative bastards are a plus for foi_nefaste
  • done! nimori wrote Snape and water for luthien
  • done! no_remorse wrote any pairing, inspired by the song "Long Black Veil" for sparrohawk
  • done! peacoquettish wrote Kreacher! Preferably with an object of unlikely erotic interest, like Mrs. Black's undies for tinderblast
  • done! phreid wrote Filch in the Room of Requirement for annchen
  • done! pinkcolumbine wrote Remus/Neville, digging for fire for marksykins
  • done! pitchblackrose wrote Sirius/Remus "Why do you love me?" Bonus points of they both ask and answer for linelen
  • done! predatrix wrote Get Harry out of Europe – "the mistakes are all waiting to be made." for no_remorse
  • done! prettypuddle wrote Severus and Remus having their relationship revealed in a VERY embarrassing manner for arionrhod
  • done! prillalar wrote after Harry takes Polyjuice to look like Draco, Draco walks in accidentally for wiltedwater
  • done! puppy_tenchan wrote Severus/Regulus. Includes the word 'vase' for maelwaedd
  • done! rane_ab wrote Dumbledore and Dobby and their fetish for Hpsocks for lashmi
  • done! resqgal wrote Harry's favourite way to kill: asphyxiation for saeva
  • done! romana03 wrote Hermione, Tonks, and something she can't learn from books for ctorres
  • done! rosefyre wrote Ron is Peter's pet for merrycontrary
  • done! saeva wrote Sirius/Percy comparison, family relationship-wise for thinkatory
  • done! saphywaphy wrote Snape, McGonagall. A year after the defeat of Voldemort. for bethbethbeth
  • done! scribbulus_ink wrote Harry Potter, Charlie Weasley: passionate sex on dragon-back. In midair. With leather. for boniblithe
  • done! scribbulus_ink and petronelle wrote Hermione/Remus, hurt/comfort for leogryffin
  • done! senji wrote "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them." for ktnb
  • done! sharp_tongue wrote SS/HP "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it." Oscar Wilde for resqgal
  • done! snitchnip_chill wrote Percy/Charlie. Visiting their father at St. Mungo's during OotP for apillarofsalt
  • done! soawen wrote Dumbledore/Vernon, not gen for lonestarkate
  • done! sparrohawk wrote Severus/Draco spanking for srichard
  • done! srichard wrote Dumbledore spies on the Prefects' Bathroom for melodylemming
  • done! starrysummer wrote Pansy Parkinson is a born-again virgin for vassilissa
  • done! stephiepenguin wrote Sirius. Tonks. Draco. who is 'the last Black'? for heidi8
  • done! switchknife wrote Lucius Malfoy tries to seduce Ron to the dark side... for cheshyre
  • done! sylvies wrote Draco/Fleur or Gabrielle Delacour for pinkcolumbine
  • done! tarie wrote Lucius/Narcissa: the Malfoys spend a pleasant holiday together for kijikun
  • done! tarnationawaits wrote Ravenclaw sadists, using ONLY original or obscure canon characters for verstehen
  • done! the_gentleman wrote Hagrid/McGonagall, interrupted for florahart
  • done! tinderblast wrote someone completely unexpected is lusting after Lucius Malfoy for gertrudeflint
  • done! touchthelute wrote a wolf in sheep's clothing for thistlefinch
  • done! underlucius wrote Sirius/Regulus. End of the innocence. for nimori
  • done! ursulakohl wrote Young Dumbledore tries to influence his N.E.W.T. results by having sex with Prof. Marchbanks. for alchemine
  • done! vassilissa wrote Death Eater!Pansy for starrysummer
  • done! miscellanny wrote Filch's first kiss for tarnationawaits
  • done! vivien529 wrote "Horrible temper," said Dot, nodding fervently. "I remember, when he was a kid..." (p 3, GoF) for deviousli
  • done! webbapettigrew wrote "I believe a man is as big as what will make him mad." for channonyarrow
  • done! wickedwords wrote Hair pulling. Hair must be Weasley for snitchnip_chill
  • done! wiltedwater wrote squid for malecrit
  • done! wiltedwater wrote Percy/Ron with consensual sex for cursive
  • done! wired_lizard wrote Tom Riddle with a secret fetish for...cats for ethuil
  • done! wyoming_knott wrote Narcissa walks in on Lucius/Dobby (consensual, MWAH). Anything else goes. for peacoquettish
  • done! wyomingnot wrote spanking for sylvies
  • done! xavantina wrote Dudley/Ginny, first kiss (interpret first kiss at will) for hildigunnur
  • done! zeelee_penguin wrote Riddle/McGonagall, "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it." -Oscar Wilde for saphywaphy

    You have 24 hours to write, until midnight strikes at Hogwarts on April 19. [What time is is over there now?] Or let's make that half an hour after midnight at Hogwarts, since this post is half an hour late.

  • Post your drabble as a comment to this post.
  • Put the name of the person you're writing it for in the comment subject line: i.e. this drabble is for _____. (Don't use the lj user tag, it doesn't work in subject lines.)
  • Before the drabble itself, please indicate...
    Topic: (as given to you in this post)
    Word count: (100, ideally)
    Rating: (anything from G to NC-17)
    Warnings: (if applicable)

  • Then you may post your drabble anywhere else you like, of course.

  • If you find your topic confusing, go ask the person who made it up to explain.
  • If your topic inspires you to something longer than a drabble - yay! Go you! But you still have to write a drabble and post it here, before going on to expand it into an epic.
  • If you covet somebody else's topic and want to write a longer fic about it, contact the person who made it up and offer them lots of chocolate for the use of the bunny.

  • Any topics still unwritten 24 hours from now will be posted here as an open drabble challenge, for anyone who cares to try.

    Thank you, everyone, for making Bestia's fifth birthday so entertaining. Happy drabble-writing and reading to all! :)
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