January 25th, 2015

Dinner Nagini

Strike that. Reverse it.

Well, I didn't expect Depp!Wonka to lose that poll quite so thoroughly.... 0 out of 34 votes, wow. Wilder!Wonka's in the lead with 14, followed by book-canon with 12.

And only two of you have joined me in voting for both Wilder and Depp. - Won't do a poll on Malcolm Rennie's Mr. Collins (P&P 1980) versus David Bamber's Mr. Collins (P&P 1995), but I'm Switzerland on those as well. Spuffy versus Bangel, ditto. Just sayin'.

A quick look to see if anyone's vidded the 1971 movie came up with this:

And the 19th Century is feeling the love, by the way. :)

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