April 22nd, 2007


Cat's Birthday HP Drabblethon IV

Sorted: 149 prompts! Blame the Cat(s).

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Posting Instructions
- Post your drabble as a comment here.
- Before the drabble itself, please indicate...
Recipient: (the person you're writing for)
Prompt: (as given to you in this post)
Word count: (100, ideally, but we won't be strict about it because cats can't count to a hundred)
Rating: (and warnings, if any)
- Then you may post your drabble anywhere else you like, of course.
- If you find your topic confusing, go ask the person who made it up to explain.
- Art instead of writing is okay. You decide what the art equivalent of 100 words is.
- You have 24 hours to write: from midnight April 22 to midnight April 23, British time. [What time is it over there now?] Any topics still unwritten by then will be up for grabs as an open challenge for anyone.

Readers welcome! About 15,000 words of very miscellaneous drabbling will hit this post over the next 24 hours. Enjoy. :)
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Cat's Birthday Drabblethon: halfway there, and on a roll!

Drabblers in the Cat's Birthday HP Drabblethon - you have less than 12 hours until the deadline: midnight April 23 in the Hogwarts timezone. [What time is it over there now?]

*waves at readers* Look, 84 out of 149 drabbles posted already! Something for everyone! Examples:

[link] stelmarta does a Shakespearean death-soliloquy for Voldemort
[link] marksykins proves that Draco is not a pheasant ferret-fucker
[link] eridanusus shares the Trelawney-love
[link] archon_mentha brings on the Tom/Minerva smut
[link] bethbethbeth shows why she'd be really scary as a writer of penis-enhancement spam
[link] mrs_batman tells of Lucius stuck with baby-sitting ickle Pansy
[link] pigwidgeon37 presents Eileen Snape giving her son The Talk
[link] caboca puts some real Bulgarian into the Ron/Hermione
[link] incapricious introduces Kreacher to Harry/Draco fics
[link] cheshyre exposes the legendary Umgubular Slashkilter
[link] rose_gialle ensures that Snape remains Snape, even with big tits