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Forever: immortal meets undead?

So it's a couple of days until the Forever finale, and I've just written up some opinions about this show for a Dear Writer letter, and now I'm having rambling crossover thoughts.

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Idle pondering here about adding vampires to the Forever universe. (Thinking of generic vampires from Anne Rice, Buffyverse, True Blood, etc.)

How unusual would Henry's blood be? No effect on vampires, outstandingly delicious, or lethal? Would drinking his blood be enough to turn a vampire human? What if he becomes a vampire magnet? What if Henry deliberately sets out to be vamped, hoping it might bring him permanent death (get bitten, get turned, get staked, game over), but things go horribly wrong? What if Jo gets turned? What if "the Immortal" in Angel S5 was Henry (or Adam)?

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Further Fits of Television (ongoing)

Daily posts throughout May? Okay. (Thanks, [personal profile] moreteadk, for infecting me with teddyradiator's Something Every Day meme/challenge.)

Also, thanks for spoiler-cutting comments on Age of Ultron. I'll see it mid-May.

And sorry for wandering off again after December/January. If I'd continued posting regularly in February/March, it might have looked something like this: "Dear Flist - Hi. Brain eaten by multitude of new fictional characters vying for attention. Having a great time, wish you were here."

All those recs you lot gave me about shows to try watching...?

I went and did. In rapid succession.

All available seasons/episodes of: True Blood, Game of Thrones, Vikings, Selfie, Hindsight, Cucumber, Forever, Wolf Hall, Doctor Who (2005-), Torchwood, Arrow, The Flash.
Partially, still watching: Teen Wolf (to start of season 2), Heroes (to start of s4), Sherlock (to 3.01).
One or two episodes, likely to continue: Orphan Black, Broadchurch, Once Upon a Time, Being Human, The Musketeers.
One or two episodes, had enough and bailed: The Librarians, Grimm, Penny Dreadful.
Next in the queue to try: Breaking Bad, Pushing Daisies, Leverage, Haven.

April was mostly about wandering through fandoms for a few of the above. Feeling fannish for Vikings and a couple of others, to varying degrees. Doing some random lurking and fic-reading on AO3. Dabbled to the extent of translating a bit of Ragnar/Athelstan, and continued exploring.

More of my opinions on these shows - coming up in daily posts throughout May.
Your opinions - always welcome. :) *waves, offers tea and biscuits*

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back again, or just passing through, or something

Stopping by to share a squee over the fic I've just scored from some kind writer in shipswap, aka the multifandom Fourth Rare Ship Swap.

*points gleefully*

Title: No Traveller Returns
Author: Anonymous [ profile] Sandrine
Fandom: Vikings (TV)
Ships: Ragnar/Athelstan, Lagertha/Athelstan, Athelstan/Lagertha/Ragnar
Rating: PG-13 Words: 2048

Athelstan's PoV, in glimpses of seasons 1 through 3.
Go look, for it's elegant and insightful and all fine things.

BTW, here's the standard offer to rhyme/drabble on a prompt of your choice if you can spot the story I wrote among Shipswap's 170+ works before reveals. (Hint: het, and not Vikings.)

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Fits of Television

I'm having such a TV binge.

All caught up now on Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Agents of SHIELD, and Agent Carter. :D The to-read list already includes a mental note to check out [personal profile] luthien's fic about Miss Fisher's companion, along with the rest of that fandom's busy Yuletide. Wouldn't mind some suggestions for Agents of SHIELD femslash or Agent Carter het.

Watching more first episodes... with mixed results.

Instant like: Galavant - first episode quickly followed by the remaining seven, and much snickering and actor-spotting: Sophie McShera (Daisy from Downton Abbey), Rutger Hauer, Weird Al Yankovic, Anthony Stewart Head.

Instant Do Not Want: The 100 - or, Logan's Run meets Lord of the Flies. Feels like a whole bunch of tropes and stock characters stitched together. One episode's enough for me.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland - will/won't watch more, maybe, I dunno. Didn't hate it. Suspect it might be a fandom where the fic is better than the show.

Forever - will watch more, very likely - Ioan Gruffudd is quite impressive as an addition to the list of fictional characters aged 200+ - think of the crossover potential with the tales of Angel or Lestat.

Backed away without watching: Hannibal, Continuum, Reign, Kingdom.

Still in the queue of first episodes: Hindsight, The Librarians, Vikings, Orphan Black, Penny Dreadful, Brooklyn Nine Nine.

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Dinner Nagini

Strike that. Reverse it.

Well, I didn't expect Depp!Wonka to lose that poll quite so thoroughly.... 0 out of 34 votes, wow. Wilder!Wonka's in the lead with 14, followed by book-canon with 12.

And only two of you have joined me in voting for both Wilder and Depp. - Won't do a poll on Malcolm Rennie's Mr. Collins (P&P 1980) versus David Bamber's Mr. Collins (P&P 1995), but I'm Switzerland on those as well. Spuffy versus Bangel, ditto. Just sayin'.

A quick look to see if anyone's vidded the 1971 movie came up with this:

And the 19th Century is feeling the love, by the way. :)

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memeWiPs & media consumption

Caught this meme from [personal profile] vass: When you see this, share 3 random lines from 3 WIPs.

1. Edmund kneels. "Good my Lord, King of Kings, I beseech you - send me not into exile again."

2. The wrong woman stirred slightly in her sleep, revealing yet more of an admittedly magnificent bosom.

3. His eyes were ageless. Sometimes he'd give Charlie a look and a grin, bright with new ideas and candy-making glee, and Charlie could see the younger Wonka who'd once danced in a marketplace for Turkish Delight and climbed Mt. Everest just to find out if chocolate would taste any different at the summit.

~ ~ ~

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries progress report: I've finished watching Season 1; about to start the second season. It's entertaining enough to go on with.

Also playing MCU catch-up. Just did ten movies in four days - brain still processing. Until now I'd seen about 3.25 of them, in no particular order, and spoilered myself thoroughly by reading fics. (Never can resist a nice tangled Gryffindor/Slytherin ship, and the way Thor and Loki wear their House colors is too adorable.) Might try watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. next.

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