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Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Season 1, Episode 1

Thank you to all who shared opinions and voted in yesterday's poll (suggest a new fandom for McTabby) - the winners are Miss Fisher and Rivers of London.

So I've just watched Miss Fisher's first episode.

Hmm, guy-dying-in-bathroom - oh, this must be the episode belonging to the clip I watched on YouTube yesterday: a few minutes of Miss Fisher sneaking upstairs to examine a bathroom.

(credits roll)

Miss Fisher gets off a ship, wearing the kind of scarf that did for Isadora Duncan.

And she's met by a friend. Would this be the lesbian major character I've been hearing about? Must be some reason for the Trousers of Obvious.

There are hints of a Tragic Past. And then there is Miriam Margolyes - always a welcome sight, yay! Especially when playing Protagonist's Aunt (as in Blackadder II, Vanity Fair 1998).

And here comes the clip I saw yesterday... including the immediate UST with that Inspector.

Bleeding servant! Same maid who left the house in the intro, and refused the baby booties. So she's just had a backstreet abortion, and the father was the dead-in-bathroom guy, and she poisoned him before leaving?

...nobody expects the Russian ballet dancer.

...or the communists.

The tragic past involved a sister, Miss Fisher changes clothes again, the clue is in the ex-maid's stationery, and now there's a party? Ooh, pretty.

A Turkish bath palace?

Crap. Twitchy maid taken away for questioning. Subliminal anti-sugar health warning.

And that tango scene, along with the tragic past, just broke the Mary Sue scale (if this were FF.net, she'd be the new shiny-haired transfer student sorted into Slytherin, dancing with Draco).

But the stolen earrings and drug-dealing scene was fun! Suspending disbelief at the ease with which Miss Fisher passes herself off as a working-class prostitute.

And then Miss Fisher bandaged the Russian dancer's wounds and let him sleep on her bedroom floor, and then they kissed but he vamped out... sorry, wrong fandom. These two just have a nice shag.

Gosh, halfway through the episode already?

Pleased to see that maid again - ah, the quaint technology-phobia of the lower classes, always good for comic relief. And then the abortions link up with the cocaine, and the other maid (not dead, hurrah), and the Turkish baths, and dead-bathroom-guy's widow delivers another anti-sugar message (just say no) for impressionable viewers.

Doing cocaine with the presumed-lesbian doctor... will this be a regular thing?

Disbelief suspended again for the dastardly abortionist sequence, with helpful communist sidekicks and a gun.

And with barely ten minutes of episode remaining, Miss Fisher goes after the vaguely-sinister Madam... gets locked up with the Russian dancer... and discovers that dead-bathroom-guy's widow has minions.

Oh dear, I've gone from seeing Buffy/Angel to seeing Batman/Robin. Because the villain's "Strip them!" command is sure to herald some fetching underwear, mortal peril and a dramatic rescue/escape.

Could everything depend on the maid's phone-phobia?
Or the Inspector's communist-phobia?
And is there time for one last shag-in-the-steam before certain doom? (No, because Miss Fisher's Marie Stopes diaphragm is not concealed under that towel, and the Russian dancer is whole-body-flaccid anyway.)

The day/night is saved. The Inspector has a Snape moment. The disbelief is suspended.

Well, I'd give that about 7 out of 10. And I'm happy to watch a couple more episodes, just to see which direction the characters go. Worth a look for the Melbourne scenery and the pretty clothes/bodies/faces, too - are there heaps of vids for this show? Crossovers with The House of Eliott or Carson's Law?

Now awaiting a review from gehayi, who's watching the first episode too (ETA link).

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